A day at Harry Potter Studios – a.k.a best. day. ever.

Sunday 31st July 2016 – The beloved Harry Potter’s birthday and also my other half, Jack’s, birthday.

This was actually my second time going to Harry Potter Studios, but the first time was when it had first opened. Although I’d go time and time again I was slightly worried that I would just remember everything so it wouldn’t be as magical as the first time, but it was Jack’s first time so I was really excited to see his face.

Boy was I wrong!! The magic was there the second time just as much as the first. Also, things had been added and changed around so it was like it was all new again.

Because it was Jack’s birthday that day he got taken to the front to open the doors to the Great Hall!! I was only slightly jealous (massively), he kept so calm and collected when doing it but when I met him inside you could just see the child inside him screaming, which was awesome.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

You walk in through the doors to the Great Hall and you have a tour guide give you some Pottery information but in all honesty you’re so in awe when you walk in you don’t really hear what they say and then you’re left to roam the studios by yourself. Which is one of the great parts about the Warner Bros Studios is that there’s so many people going in a day yet it never feels overly busy or cramped, you can walk around at your own pace so easily and never feel like you’re in the way of other people or that they’re in the way of you.

Seeing everything for real in front of you just brings out the inner child so much (although it doesn’t take a lot for that to happen to me). Plus being so Potter obsessed since the first film seeing every little detail on every prop, set, costumes etc. whilst walking around listening to the theme tune is just magical. Plenty of selfie opportunities! (yay!)

Butterbeer.. hmm. I was really excited to try Butterbeer but admittedly I was a bit disappointed as it just wasn’t for me. I expected to be quite smooth and taste a bit like Werthers Originals (remember those?!) but it’s a fizzy, orange, very sweet liquid with cream on top and because I’m a bit weird with textures I couldn’t get on with it. The ice-cream however.. It is still very sweet but it is more what I’d think Butterbeer would taste like and it is delicious!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The Great Hall, Hagrid’s House, The Ministry, Hogwarts Express, Dumbledore’s Office, The Weasley’s (moving) Kitchen, Potions Class, Diagon Alley, Dobby, Buckbeak, Basalisk and so so much more. The Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios is a definite must if you are a fan, it cannot be missed.

Also, the gift shop at the end is a very dangerous place, you definitely need to bring a good amount of money with you for it. There’s just so much in there to buy, all the Potterness!!!

(There’s also a surprise at the end but I’ll let you find out what that is yourself.)

Admittedly the travel is a bit of a cufuffle if you don’t drive as it is just outside of London so I would advise to book in advance and plan ahead!



Rhi x


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