A week away in a beautiful French village.


I have always had such a love for France as a whole, I’ve been over many times. Once to Disneyland Paris when I was 6 (I don’t remember too much of that) and many times with my best friend Natalie as she has a house out there. – I’ve never been into the main cities such as Paris which is something I’d love to do, but the places I’ve been have been quaint villages in the middle of no where and I adore it.

On Thursday 26th August 2016 Jack & I went over to the beautiful Sarthe with Jack’s family to stay in his Nan and Grandad’s breathtaking Bed & Breakfast, La Lune. There was about 15 of us and we had the B&B hired out for the week. They have their own land and lake(!!), swimming pool and lovely little sun traps in the garden. We were in the middle of no where so it was so quiet and peaceful (so very needed).


We were about a 10 minutes drive from a little village called Brulon where we spent many 14195916_10153886477716884_2817999693091529329_osunny evenings drinking Grimbergen Rouge – a strawberry and raspberry beer – which is bloody amazing FYI, but it does hit your legs first so be prepared to have a bit of a stagger when you stand up for the loo, smoking cigars and talking to the locals (well, trying to). The gentleman running the bar was such a lovely man and a wonderful character. One evening he gave us some of his homemade punch to try, which sure blew your socks off, he then brought out his homemade saucisson, which his lovely dog also enjoyed with us! and he even gave the men a free cigar each for no reason apart from just being very lovely.


One of the days myself, Jack, his uncles and little cousin all went to La Mans 24 hour Motor Museum. Admittedly I don’t really know much at all about cars but it really was interesting to look at all the different cars in there and how they’ve developed over the years. Also one of Jack’s family members has cars in there from where he’s been in the 24 hour race so that was pretty awesome to see.

Another place we visited during our time in France was a gorgeous village called Sainte-Suzanne to see the ‘Chateau De Sainte-Suzanne’. We got to walk all around the castle grounds looking across for miles with breath taking views. We went inside parts of it and saw all the funny little toilet holes (juvenile sense of humour) and walked through the medieval village which was filled with history – and stopping there for a beer of course!

We also managed to find a ‘car-boot sale’ one of the days which was actually stools after stools stretching through another little village which a river running through it and a church where they had uncovered murals under the plaster while they were getting ready to knock it down, so that was a very interesting little find.


The Super-U!! A.k,a a french supermarket.. What is it about foreign supermarkets that is just so satisfying? The smell, the food, the quietness.. There was no one to be seen, ever. We brought back a lot of smelly cheese and €2,69 bottles of 14% red wine (I know we freaked out too, that’s why 11 bottles came back with us!!)

Other days and evenings we all just sat around a big table, dipping in and out the pool, strolling round the lake, drinking, drinking and drinking and just genuinely having a big ole’ laugh. – All in all I had the most brilliant, refreshing, relaxing and interesting holiday. I would recommend anyone to visit there if you want a peaceful get away as well as having the choice to site see. It’s safe to say none of us wanted to leave and I know Jack & I wanted to turn back before we’d even left.

Thank you to Linda and Chris for hosting an amazing week,


Rhi x


2 thoughts on “A week away in a beautiful French village.

  1. Wow Rhiannan, what a fantastic write up about your holiday. We’re so pleased you all had a lovely time, even though it was a bit manic at times, I dont think any one noticed. It was so lovely to have all our family with us for the week and to get to meet you and also Jade, Sean,s partner. Looking forward to seeing you during our winter break. xxxx

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  2. Wow that was the most brilliant write up I’ve ever read, it was lovely to be together as a family and have so many great times (you forgot the Karaoke) hehe, any reason? it is a little corner of heaven though. Gina xxx

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