Well, when in Rome..

So, as most people know – because I didn’t shut up about it – it was my 21st birthday on the 17th December 2016. All I knew from about July was that Jack was taking me away for a long weekend, but I had no idea where. I knew he changed his mind a few times and was in cahoots with my mum about where we were going.                                                      It literally killed me for months.

We were leaving on 16th December and on the 14th December Jack finally decided to tell me where we were going. It was ROME!!!

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Oh, Rome. This city took my breath away on so many occasions while staying there,  it almost didn’t feel real. Jack had so much planned and made sure we visited all the best ‘touristy’ places while we were there.

It started with arriving at the airport and getting a ‘shuttle bus’ to the door of our hotel, driving through all the different back streets and already being able to see so many sights. We then arrived at our hotel ‘Villa Morgagni‘ which was such a cute, old fashioned (in a good way) hotel. It was a quiet time of year and not in the centre of Rome so not touristy at all. We were away from some sights but only a metro, tram or bus journey away.

On our first day we well and truly ticked off something from my bucket list and visited the Colosseum. Wow. I honestly have no words to describe how beautiful it is when you step out of the metro station and are standing face to face with it.


It was more amazing than I could ever imagine. Plus, we had the most perfect weather to witness The Colosseum, The Arch of Constantine and Palatine Hill. Beautiful sites and just completely filled with history which Jack was in heaven with.


Although we went in the middle of winter every restaurant had tables set outside with big roaring heaters on. It was actually so lovely to be able to still sit outside of an evening watching the night life of Rome go past. No restaurants were dear at all either which was a bonus for us and luckily around the corner from our hotel was a lovely family run restaurant which we had the best pizzas, Italian meats and (€8!!!) a litre, yes litre of wine. (And free Limoncello which definitely sucked your cheeks in).

Waking up on the Saturday, on my actual birthday, in Rome was literally like a dream. Jack had planned for us to go to the Vatican City for the day, something he’s wanted to do for years. In all honesty I didn’t really know anything about the Vatican City but of course I was super excited about everything we were doing. First of all Jack told me it was a Holy place to visit so I needed to make sure I was fully covered up which was fine, so I just wore a long shirt dress and leggings. Expectable right? Wrong. The dress I chose to wear decided to pop open its buttons where my boobs were as soon as we walked in so that was embarrassing. However, the Vatican City blew my mind. The museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica – which admittedly I did think I was going to die walking up because of how many steps there were and how narrow the stairwell is, and yes I did cry BUT, seriously the views were so beyond worth it.



Over the weekend we visited the Trevi Fountain in the day and night, walked in random directions through the back streets, found tiny town squares, went to the Pantheon, Jewish Ghetto, ate amazing food, went to the Spanish Steps and the very expensive shopping streets and of course got Gelato.

Although unfortunately I was unwell on our trip I’ve never felt so in awe being somewhere.

Advise I’d give to anyone wanting to go to Rome is that you can do nearly everything in a weekend and the only down side to the city are the street sellers which at times can be very pushy so just say no or nothing and walk away. Don’t accept any ‘free’ gift.


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