Deftones – Ally Pally – 05.05.2017

Deftones at Alexandra Palace, London on 5th May 2017.

The day was finally here. The tickets that were bought as a part of Jack’s Christmas present could now be used!

Before I met Jack I hadn’t actually listened to Deftones and I did slack at brushing up my knowledge before going to see them live. Of course I listened to a handful of their songs; and really liked them, but there’s like 11(?) albums starting from 1995 so was a bit difficult to listen to them all..

First things first we did start to panic about how we’d get to the Alexandra Palace as we live right on the south coast and Ally Pally is north of London. However luckily for us, the journey was actually very stress free. It was a 2 and half hour journey by train, underground and bus but very easy and the bus takes you right to the door.

First impressions of the Ally Pally building were unexpected. The building is a beautiful building from the outside and a lot bigger than expected as well. The queue had already started when we arrived so we went to the outside bar and sat admiring the view (freezing!)

When everyone was finally let in at 6:30pm you were met with various food stalls, bars, seating and a busker.. That’s before you even get in to where the gig is. We pondered on what ‘street food’ we’d get and decided on a burrito and a beer.

Finding somewhere to stand to watch the gig with enough space to escape to the toilet and not get trampled by people was easy as it was such a spacious room although there were over 10,000 people there!

AFI were supporting Deftones and opened up at around 8pm. I hadn’t listened to AFI before and Jack had only listened to one of their songs but it’s safe to say we both are listening to them now after seeing them live.  Lead vocalist Davey Havok put on an awesome show and definitely got everyone pumped for Deftones. *does anyone even say ‘pumped’ any more?* So AFI finished at 8:45pm and everyone knew they had a half hour break before the main show so cigarettes were smoked, beers were bought and the room quickly filled up.

Jack had seen Deftones live before but I hadn’t and I didn’t know what to expect.

It is safe to say Deftones blew me away. They had such an addictive stage presents and Chino Moreno’s vocals were incredible. I didn’t even need to know the words to their songs or even know them at all, their energy was so infectious you couldn’t help but head bang your way through. Everything about the stage set up worked, the lights, black outs between songs, everything just got everyone going. The atmosphere in the room was literally buzzing. ..


My playlist has definitely accumulated A LOT more Deftones since May 5th and I will 100% be seeing them again live.

Cheers AFI, Deftones and Ally Pally. Image result for rock sign


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