Brewdog Brighton | Beer review

Blood, sweat and beer, an awesome quote on one of Brewdogs many glasses.

Craft beers were never something I was interested in trying. When going in to a pub you’d get faced with the usual lagers when choosing a pint for the evening, an evening of bloat and constantly needing a wee!! It wasn’t until about a year ago Jack started drinking Brewdog’s Punk IPA in one of our local pubs that I began to want to try others. It’s been a few months now and Jack and I have really become a bit of craft beer snobs. More and more bars and pubs are now selling them so it’s easier to be able to try.

Brewdog was my first craft beer to try and has remained one of my favourite brewery’s.

On Saturday Jack and I decided to head in to Brighton and go to the Brewdog pub and try some of their beers which we haven’t found in the shops.

Nine to Five Wizard has been one I’ve wanted to try ever since Brewdog posted it onto their pages, mainly because of the cute as fuck packaging.

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It is an India Pale Weizen and is actually a 7.5% beer, which I hadn’t realised until inspecting the can half way through drinking it. Saying that you wouldn’t be able to tell the strength with its smooth texture and sweet after taste. When poured it is a cloudy beer but very light to drink. Jack wasn’t too keen on this one but I really enjoyed it, especially sitting out in the Brighton sun. From my personal taste I’d rate this wonderful beer at 8/10.

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While I was trying my Nine to Five Wizard, Jack was recommended by the very helpful barman to try Zeitgeist as he said it was his personal favourite. He explained that Zeitgeist was on of their original beers and with it being a fan favourite it has made its way back to Brewdog bars.

Zeitgeist is a 4.7% black lager and is a much heavier beer. It is pure black and very stout like to look at and taste. It’s quite a fizzy beer which you don’t expect when looking at it but it is a pleasant texture to the tongue. With its coffee undertones and it’s stout like weight I’d definitely say this is more of a winter beer than sitting in the sun beer. Due to my personal taste I’d rate this beer 6/10. Jack said he’d rate this 7/10.

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The next beer I wanted to try was India Electric, again this is one I’d seen Brewdog post about and knew I wanted to try it.

India Electric is a 5.2% Belgium style ale. This was an odd one. With its citrus undertones and colouring it gave it a bit of a cider taste and look, which I didn’t mind but some people may find this strange. Like Zeitgeist this was an unexpected fizzy ale, however unlike Zeitgeist this was a perfect sunny drink. With it being light and fruity it’s very easy drinking. I’d rate this 6/10.

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The last beer Jack chose was Vagabond a 4.5% pale ale. This was a much bitter ale and if you have tried Brewdog’s Punk IPA it was very similar tasting.

What makes this beer different is that it is actually a gluten free beer. It has a very bitter and almost musky taste with caramel undertones. With it being similar to Punk IPA Jack and I instantly liked this one but it may be too bitter for someone who prefers a softer taste. I rated this beer a 7/10. Jack rates this 6/10.

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With all beer aside, I’d like to say Brewdog in Brighton really is a wonderful pub. The bar staff aren’t just working behind a bar, they are passionate about what they sell and if you are unsure on what to get they are more than happy to give their advise and opinions so you chose something that’s perfect for you.

Also, as a woman what they have done in the ladies toilets is also an awesome touch providing a range of women’s products for free for any one who unfortunately gets caught out when out!

Brewdog, you are awesome. Cheers!


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