Life update | We have a baby!

Ok, not an actual baby, but the cutest little fluff ball of a cat baby ever! Jack and I are over the moon to introduce our cat child, Sabbath.

Considering when I first mentioned to Jack about a year ago that I wanted to get a cat when we moved out it was a full blown no. No budging. No convincing. And now, look at him..

Unfortunately we weren’t able to adopt a rescue kitten as we live in a first floor flat on a busy road so the cat would be an indoor cat and the rescue centres didn’t want this. However, we got Sabbath from a lovely man who would have loved to have kept him but him and his dog didn’t get on, so he was really happy that he saw he was going to a loving home.

He was quite timid at first but Day 3 and he is now strutting his little self around the place with the sassiest bum wiggle you’ve ever seen. He’s unsure on his blue fish toy, his new favourite game is ‘let’s chuck all of my little out of my tray and onto the floor’, he has the loudest purr, the smelliest farts and gives the best head massage.

I’m very much enjoying his company and watching him change and grow already and annoying people by not shutting up about him, so I’m sure another blog post will be dedicated to this little munchkin very soon.

*2 days after writing this blog post we took Sabbath to the vets and found out she is actually a little girl! (don’t ask)*



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