Autumn fashion | Wants

Autumn is finally here! The season of cold but not too cold, burnt orange E V E R Y T H I N G, crispy floor leaves and all of the pumpkin things!

I love Autumn for many reasons, the weather being one. I’m a winter baby so me and the sun have never really got on. Don’t get me wrong I love chilling in a pub garden with my shades on on a summers day but then I get over heated, I burn through factor 50 and then just end up feeling generally rubbish. However, in Autumn you can still enjoy being in the sun but then you have the cool, crisp breeze in the background and you can wack out the cute jumpers as well as the sunnies. Perfect!

My fashion sense seems to change every year and this year I am extremely happy that floral was not only in, in the summer but now in the autumn fashion.

Here are a few of my Autumn ‘wants’ for this year;

Autumn 1
New Look | Burgundy Velvet Lace Detail Jumper – £24.99
I love this jumper from New Look, not only is burgundy one my favourite colours but the velvet lace detail means this can be worn as part of a casual outfit or it can be paired with something snazzy and be worn out as a smart casual piece. The jumper also comes in black.

autumn 2
New Look | Cameo Rose Cream Embroidered Cardigan – £29.99
As I mentioned before, I love floral patterns and who doesn’t love a big comfy cardigan?! Cardigans are perfect for the autumn weather. Too hot for a jacket? Wear a cardigan! Too cold without a jacket? Wear a cardigan! With this cardigan from New Look being cream it means it can be matched with just about anything which is also a big brucey bonus!

autumn 3
Topshop | Jersey Boyfriend Jacket – £39.00
Something else I’ve never really been in to but I have this year is my pinks. Particularly pastel and orangey pinks (is that a colour?). I love this jacket from Topshop as it’s another piece that can be worn casually or as a part of a going out outfit. It’s a beautiful colour and easy to match with a lot of things to make a sassy outfit.

New Look | Wide Fit Floral Embellished Ankle Boots – £39.99
Back to the florals.. I absolutely adore these floral heeled ankle boots from New Look. They are actually in the wide fit section but I have fallen in love with them. I think these are a must buy and then I will live in them. Forever.


I hope you all enjoy big jumper, pumpkin spiced, spooky everything season.


1- Burgundy Velvet Lace Detail Jumper 

2- Cameo Rose Cream Embroidered Cardigan

3- Jersey Boyfriend Jacket

4- Wide Fit Black Floral Embellished Ankle Boots

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