That mustard yellow jumper

That jumper that I’ve not wanted to take off since buying. That jumper that feels like you’re being hugged by a blanket all day.

This Autumn/Winter I’ve decided to try and steer away from the blacks and dark colours and try and lighten up myself. I know ‘mustard yellow’ has been quite the trend for a while now but I’ve never really thought to wear it myself. That is until this beauty came along.

After being gifted with some lovely vouchers I decided that I should probably start my AW wardrobe. I used my vouchers in New Look as this is my favourite clothing shop to buy from. With being a plus size girl I find New Look clothes perfect for their sizes. I know that they’re real to what they say and I’m not self conscious or embarrassed about walking in there and picking up everything and it being untrue sizing.

I actually spotted the jumper as soon as I walked in and I knew I needed myself a new jumper for AW and work. When I first picked it up it just felt so soft, not that scratchy material that reminds you of those sparkly tights you used to be dressed in as a kid that felt like literal ants in your pants.

The sizing was perfect and the colour was a lovely mustard yellow and it was a good price (I can’t remember how much exactly and can’t find it on the website!)

I decided to pair it with my checked black and white skirt, tights and pale pink jacket also all from New Look and my beloved Dr Martens.


FullSizeRender (2)

Excuse my awkward posing and forgetting that I have things in my pockets.. *face palm*

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