Metallica at the O2 Arena | 22.10.2017

Metallica. O2 Arena. London. 22nd October 2017.
I don’t even know where to start if I’m honest. Metallica held one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

I bought the tickets back in about March – and let’s be honest they were fucking expensive – however, after going to the show boy were they worth it. Jack had already seen Metallica twice but never at their own show only at festivals and they are one of his all-time favourite bands so I had to get the tickets. It seemed like a life time away but the day was finally here.

We decided to drive because getting a train back from London after a gig, especially at the O2, just screams no. Just no. However, we left booking the O2 car park a bit late so it was actually fully booked and we had to park a few tube stops away from the O2 but it was an easy journey.

Kvelertak were supporting Metallica, neither me or Jack had seen them live so we were quite intrigued to see how they were and jeez, what an opening.
Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik came out with no top on and an owl on his head – if that’s not rock and roll then I don’t know what is.


Considering all their songs are in Norwegian it didn’t stop everyone in the stadium going along with them. They definitely got the atmosphere going before Metallica were due to hit the stage.

Before Metallica came on Jack & I were both wondering what their plans were for visuals on their set as the stage was in the middle and no visible back drops etc. It turned out that the group of cubes above the stage actually lit up and played videos and showed pictures on as well as moving up and down above the stage which made it look amazing.


Their set was mostly from their new album Hardwired with a few added classics. Although we were seated we stood for 98% of it along with everyone else. The atmosphere in the arena was incredible and our view was perfect and being able to watch the mosh pits from above was definitely entertaining.

I loved that the crowd varied from people who had clearly been fans from the very beginning of Metallica 36 years ago and then little kids coming along with their parents and really getting in to it with their ginormous flags and giving it the hand horns. I’m a big lover of music bringing people together and this is definitely what Metallica did.

I obviously don’t have to recommend any one to see them live because it’s obvious isn’t it?

I’m sad it’s over but I’m so happy we got to go!

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