A day in Oakham | The Grainstore Brewery review

The day had finally arrived for Jack & I to get away for the weekend with my mum to go up to her boyfriends in Uppingham. We left after work and arrived Friday evening and safe to say we were all tired! But the day we were most looking forward to was the Saturday as we were being taken to a little town called Oakham to go round the markets, see the “castle” (you’ll understand the quotations when you see what the castle looks like) and most importantly visit The Grainstore Brewery.

The Oakham market was a really cute and I was bought two of these lovely fairy-tale themed cards based on the letter on the front. My ‘R’ card was based on Rumpelstiltskin and Jack’s ‘J’ was based on Jack and the beanstalk. Jack also bought me a cat mug because crazy cat lady here.

This, this is the ‘castle’.

As you can see not as spectacular as you would have thought and we accidentally looked into a wedding that was happening inside. However, the church that was right next to it was beautiful.

Right, on to beer. As I’ve mentioned before Jack and I have become a little bit of beer snobs but we just really enjoy trying different beers.

When we walked in to The Grainstore the atmosphere was exactly what you want from a pub. Cosy, quirky, busy enough but not too busy, with really cool décor and of course a lot of beer.

We were standing at the bar trying to decide which beer we wanted to try first when the bar maid suggested we had a paddle. That is 3 different beers split in to 3rds to make up the same as a pint but you get to have a taster of more than one. It was such a good idea and I really enjoyed trying different ones.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
The first one I tried was the Rutland Panther – to be honest I only chose this one because of the panther on the front. This was a dark, stouty beer. I personally like darker beers so I really enjoyed this one. There was coffee undertones as well as a sweet after taste. However, because of the sweetness of this one I don’t think I could drink too much of it or would begin to taste like drinking treacle but the taster I had was really enjoyable.

The next beer going in darkness scale was the Ten Fifty. This was promoted a lot around and outside the pub. It was the strongest one they had on at 5%. Again this seemed to have a sweet after taste but not as strong as the Rutland Panther. It was amber coloured and easy to drink. This wasn’t one of my favourite but it was still enjoyable to drink.

The last in my paddle was Cooking, this is a session beer so it’s quite light and smooth. It has a bitter-sweet taste and is a golden colour. It was probably the least flavouring beer I had but it was definitely easy to drink.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

The last beer that we all decided to have a pint of was Rutland Osprey. This was a much paler beer and very easy to drink. It was the least bitter in flavour and very smooth. I’d recommend trying this one especially if you’re someone is just starting to try out beers. I could have probably stayed and had a few more of these!

So that was our experience of The Grainstore Brewery and what a pleasant one it was. We will definitely be back.


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