Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients | Review

I eventually got round to trying out the Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients recipe book Jack bought me last week and tried out two different recipes.

So naturally I want to review what I thought about them.

The first one I attempted was the ‘Garlic Mushroom Pasta’, mainly because they are the three things me and Jack love.

Firstly we had a couple of issues where we only had a white onion instead of red and chestnut mushrooms instead of mixed mushrooms, however it still turned out quite nice.

The recipe says to put 2 garlic cloves but just to make sure the vampires were truly warded off I added 3.

I couldn’t find trofie pasta so I used the alternative which is fusilli as it probably does work just as well.

I really liked the creamy sauce that the crème fraîche, Parmesan and garlic made as it really does show you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a yummy sauce.

I want to make this recipe again but I definitely think using red onion and mixed mushrooms will make the flavour 10x better.

The next meal I decided to make was ‘Creamy Mustard Chicken’. I really enjoyed this one but again only had white onion and chestnut mushrooms.. I’m clearly a rubbish food shopper.

I’ve never cooked using whole grain mustard before so I was really unsure how it was going to taste and whether we’d actually like it, but we did, so success.

I ended up adding more mustard than the recipe says but next time I would add even more.

Adding the single cream gave it a really nice mild flavour and a lot of sauce which is essential for me especially as I did mash with this one so it covered it nicely.

Again, another recipe I will be trying and tweaking again.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed limiting myself to only 5 ingredients and can’t wait to try more of the recipes.


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