A look back on 2017 & 2018 goals

I can’t believe we are in the new year and it is two thousand and eighteen. That sounds so weird. 2017 was definitely an interesting year with much lows but also a lot of highs. I suffered immensely with my mental health through out the year which effected a lot of things but I was also diagnosed with EUPD which has started to give me answers and the help and the support I need.

You can follow my journey below:


Funnily enough I only realised/remembered the positive things of 2017 when I made a look back of my year on my Instagram story.

Here are my 2017 highlights:

It all started in January when the whole of Jack’s family and I went to Tenerife to surprise Jack’s grandad for his 70th birthday. It was a brilliant holiday with memories I will never forget and a great start to 2017. (Especially with the nicest tapas I’ve ever had).


In February Jack and I went to London to see Aladdin and stay over night for our one year anniversary. It’s crazy that that is now nearly two years..


In March myself, Jack and my mum travelled up to Uppingham to stay at my mums boyfriends house and celebrate St Patrick’s day up there. It was a brilliant weekend with lots of funny memories and pints of Guinness.


In May we went back to Harry Potter Studios with my works social club and for me it was my third time. Each time something new has been added and this time it was the Forbidden Forest. And every time it is as magical as the first and I’m sure I’ll be visiting again.


Also, in May Jack passed his driving test finally and opened up so many opportunities for us.

In June, Jack and I went to the Brighton Centre to see NXT live. If you’re not a wrestling fan you might not see this as a highlight but as wrestling fans this was so awesome to be able to see live. Especially as the Brighton Centre is quite a small venue so we saw everything up close. I think my best part was the last minute decision to take the picture below and captured quite a cool moment.


In July I went back to my favourite place on earth, Alderney. A place where my mum, my mums boyfriend and I have all lived. A place we all hold so many memories and stories but somewhere Jack had never been and had only been told. It’s safe to say he fell in love with this Little Rock of paradise as much as we are. It was a brilliant holiday with so many forever memories.


In July Jack turned 23 and we went for another weekend in London. This time I took us to Gaucho for dinner where we had the most incredible Chateaubriand. The decor was really unique and awesome too. I’d definitely recommend experiencing it but it is very pricey. On the Sunday I took Jack to the Star Wars Exhibition at the O2 where I got to watch him be in absolute awe of everything. We felt like big kids and loved it.


In August we (by we I mean Jack) drove 8 and a half hours to Burnley where my auntie was getting married. I got to see family members that I hadn’t seen for up to 5 years. It was such a great weekend and the coolest Batman themed wedding.


Also, in August Jack and I moved in to our first flat together. It was a very spontaneous move but we saw our opportunity and took it and we haven’t regretted a moment. We had the most amazing help from our families who really helped us become independent adults. It has been hard but we have pushed through every moment and watched each other grow. It’s been great.


Not to mention the adoption of our two fur babies in September (Sabbath) and December (Ozzy) who are both special in their own ways and sometimes make us want to pull our hair out but we wouldn’t change them for the world.


We went to Metallica at the O2, Gorillas at the Brighton Centre and Creeper at Shepherds Bush at the end of 2017 and all three were seriously amazing gigs. We had Bonfire Night at Brockham, my works Masquerade Christmas party, my 22nd birthday, our first Christmas and New Year in our own home and we only went and met Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Beaulieu.


Without looking back at all these highlights I would have probably let the bad out weigh the good and say 2017 was a bit of a shit year. But when I properly sit down and reminisce on what I’ve achieved and the memories I’ve made I’d say that 2017 was a pretty fucking awesome year.

So, goals for 2018? I’ve decided to stay away from ‘New Years resolutions’ as I feel that if I fall down or fail at something I will punish myself and go three steps back. Instead this year I want to set goals and changes that I would like to do but remind myself that I don’t have to do them within a year timescale.

1. Stop smoking – I stopped smoking on New Year’s Day and it is now 6th January and I am yet to have had a cigarette. To some that is not a long time but for a full time smoker that is extremely good.
2. A healthier lifestyle – I’m leaving this one brief so again I don’t pin point things and feel rubbish if I don’t achieve them. This includes healthier eating, healthier way of thinking and mindset, stopping smoking and losing weight.
3. Continue blogging – at the end of last year I stopped blogging because I lost all motivation and was comparing myself to big bloggers with loads of recognition and followers and thought there was no point trying. I’d forgotten that I blog because I enjoy it not because I want a following.
4. Read more – I have always struggled with reading due to short concentration span but when I do I love it. Believe it or not as such a huge Harry Potter fan I have not read all the books due to this. For Christmas Jack bought me the Harry Potter book box set so I am going to ready every one this year.

I’m sure through out the year there are going to be a lot more things I want to achieve but to start I’m going to keep it short, sweet and simple. I am going to keep reminding myself that even if I achieve one of my goals I am one step closer to being a better me.

A hope 2018 brings everyone health and happiness and everything you could wish for.



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